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    Blood Sugar Readings – By Kelly Dawes

    This does NOT include your CGM readings, these are for finger tests. What Affects Your Blood Sugar Test Readings? You Will Be Surprised! Since your doctor told you that you have diabetes, you’ve had to make a few changes. Among other things, you probably now must check your blood sugars using a meter. Monitoring your glucose levels allows you to see the impact of the measures you are taking to better control your diabetes. Proper readings are crucial. The test strips used with your meter are essentially mini labs on a piece of plastic. Many decisions are based on that lab result. Consider what might get into that small blood…

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    Nanotechnology – Smart Insulin Patch

    On January 23, 2020, I attended a seminar for Nanotechnology and Materials-based Immunotherapeutic Approaches to Diabetes and Cancer (whoa! Say that 10x fast!). I want to share what was discussed, as it is PROGRESS!   Researchers are working with bioresponsive drug delivery systems. They’ve completed animal trials with favorable outcomes.   In the works (diabetes related): Smart glucagon patches to respond to hypoglycemia Smart synthetic/artificial beta cell patches Smart insulin patches The Smart Insulin Patch has done well! The presenter, Dr. Zhen Gu, Ph.D. Professor of Bioengineering UCLA said “It is making big progress now.” He also mentioned that they are working on loading more insulin into the patch. Dr.…

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    Welcome to TheDiabeticBond.com

    Hello! Welcome to TheDiabeticBond.com. A website for uniting T1D’s together. You may know our sister site –  YesICanEatCake.com We would love for you to share your stories with us, or your artwork, or all of the above! We also have a social media platform we are working on, which we will release soon! Meanwhile, take a look around, and let’s unite, together – A